What is turmeric? Is one of the most potent naturally occurring

anti-inflammatory agents ever identified, and thus may be one of the

best all around spices for disease protection and anti-aging. inflammation

plays a central role in most chronic diseases,

Turmeric also can be considered “brain health food.” Research studies on

mice demonstrate turmeric’s ability to reduce the buildup of plaque in the brain

that is associated with Alzheimer’s  and cognitive decline.

Laboratory research has shown that turmeric also has potent anticancer properties.


Cilantro is high in the vitamins A and K, beta-carotene, and like any dark, leafy

green, it is full of beneficial phytochemicals, including a natural antibiotic called

dodecenal. In a Unversity of California, Berkeley, laboratory study, dodecenal killed

bacteria Salmonella more effectively than a powerful prescription antibiotic.


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