15 Steps To Staying Youthful



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Page one—————————Cycling

Page Two————————Sunshine

Page Three——————————–Iron

Page Four——————————-Stretch

Page Five——————–Casual Walking

Page Six——————————————Yoga

Page Seven—————————Floor Stretch

Page Eight—————————————Jogging

Page Nine————————————-Bike Riding

Page Ten——————————————-Tummy Tucks

Page Eleven————————————————–Walking

PageTwelve————————————————Quick Jogging

Page Thirteen———————————————————Floor Excercise

Page Fourteen—————————————————————Body Lift

Page Fifteen—————————————————————–Eat Healthy

Daily Cycling

Is great for developing the gross motor and physical health.



Daily Sunshine

Plenty of Iron

Outdoor Stretch

Casual Walking

Ball Yoga



Floor Excercise

Daily Jogging

Daily jogging burns off fat, tone up body and rejevenuates cells.


Bike Riding

On a nice early spring day. take out that bike and go for a ride.

Weekly Measurements

Keeping a record of your weekly process is okay. perhaps you can weigh once a month.


Taking a brisk daily walk is about the best out all to obtain longevity.

walking has some hreat health benefits. lower blood colestrol,

get rid of diabetes, weight loss, and releases stress and anxiety.

Quick Jogging

Quick jogging helps pump the blood to heart, and it helps your burn off the

weight and calories. Jogging helps build the skelton into a healthy frame.

Meditation & Relaxation

Living a mindful life style is good for any medication session inside or outdoors

works. but out doors is better, you’re get the fresh of the universe

juvenates through your entire body, mind and spirit.


Body Lift

Are great for building and toning the body structure. Men and women

can benefit from this if you work as a team.

Tumming Tuck

Practice daily tucks for getting rid of a flabby tummy, and keeping

the flab off. Doing this 3 to 4 times a wekk works great for best results.




Nutritionist Foods

Eating a well balanced nutritionist meal is essentil for a healthy life Adding 5 or six fruits and vegetables

is a great way to stay thin and fit.





Conclusion: Wellness Eat For Fit

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