Nutrition Bars


These nutrition bars offer an irresistible package: convenience, the promise of good nutrition, and often, sweetness that rivals that of many candy bars.


Let’s take a look at a 2009 report by, an independent laboratory that evaluates health and wellness products, concluded that there were occasional discrepancies between ingredients on the labor and what was actually in the bar.



To reduce calories associated with real sugar, some bars contain high amounts of sugar alcohols such as maltitol or lactitol. While these provide far fewer calories than sugar, they can cause bloating and gas and may have a laxative effect in some people.



Many bars on the market contain inexpensive synthetic vitamins.

Eating a healthy diet and take a quality supplement, you will simply excrete the excess vitamin load.


Read the list of ingredients carefully:


CAUTION: “Avoid those that list sweeteners among the first ingredients, since they will provide a quick rush of energy followed by an equally quick crash.”

Also, steer clear of bars that derive their protein from soy isolate. Now there are plenty of research demonstrating the positive effects of whole soy foods.




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