Health-Link Diabetic Warning


 Health-Link Diabetic Warning



I just completed my annual check-up the other day and by human error,  I received some not so good news. Have you ever went to take your physical exam or just a routine checkup and after the checkup you sit impatiently waiting for a few results. Here I am sitting there waiting for the Dr. to come back and give me my check- out and paperwork. I was indeed anxious because I am always thinking about the worse of my health condition. Yes, overweight. I am weighing 298 lb which is too much for me to carry. Not good at all.

The unexpected news was boarder line diabetic. When he told me this I went limp in my legs because I thought it was something else worse than that, but anyhow, I was feeling somewhat, overwhelmed. For months now, my body was giving a few warning signs that my sugar glucose was high, but I was not too sure how high it was until I went for my checkup.

Possibly genetic. My father was boarder line at one point around his 86 birth date., but now he is doing okay with a few adjustments to his diet. He is very active, still drives, at 20 miles per hour which is good a man his age. He walks every day so exercise is not the factor. Anyway, mom didn’t have diabetic’s she passed from normal complications.

Moreover, right now in my life feel that good physical health is imperative. Along with, emotion, spiritual and psychological health are important. So here I am on a 20-day progress ……to…One of my passion this quarter is to take my health and well being more serious than ever. This change includes; eating healthier and exercise more regularly. This is so important to me. So now that I have the ball rolling in the right direction concerning “HEALTHY FOOD CHOICE” And the overall physical wellness, it will work, not so easy to loose weight, but I am going to set a goal to lose 30 lb first and then I will proceed with another 30 lb.

“If you have diabetic, there are a 50% chance that you may also have Diabetic Neuropathy. Permanent Nerve damage that often affects the feet and legs causing numbness, burning, sensitivity to touch and sharp, stabbing pain. You may also have formed to topical or oral medications to help relieve your pain and discomfort.”

Do these symptoms sound like some you may be experiencing.?

Health-link diabetic warning!

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