A diet that includes a mix of fruits and vegetables is better for optimal health. We must bring in the new and forget the old if we want to live longer and happier.


 Most colorful fruit and veggies have lots of antioxidants. They are known to protect us from the sun and the damage from insects.
The recommended daily amount of servings of fresh produce a day may not be enough for the health. Of course, variety is key, because different colors of produce contain different colors of produce contain different phytonutrients and have different benefits.

Glasses with fresh vegetable juices on white. Detox diet.

Glasses of fresh vegetable juices, good for a detox diet.

For Example:

A class of Phytonutrients called anthocyanins gives red, blue, and purple fruits and vegetables their hues and has been linked to a risk of cancer and heart disease.

Some orange and yellow produce get its color from carotenoids, fat-soluble phytochemicals  that may benefit vision, while the sulforaphane in certain green vegetables appears to reduce cancer risks and promote lung health.

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