Heart health:

Coconut oil support normal thyroid function, which in turn

helps guard against heart disease.

Weight Loss

Coconut oil is almost 90% saturated fat(which many experts now

agree is not the vilain it was once thought to be), and the majority

of that saturated fat is made up of medium chain triglycerides(MCTs).

Rather than storing MCTs as fats, the body immediately uses them for

energy, which speeds up metabolism.

Fight Alzheimer Disease and other Cognitive disorders

Coconut oi may help the brian compensate for its reduced ability to use

glucose as fuel. A brain compromised by Alzheimer’s does not use glucose



Combat infections
Among coconut oil’s healthy fatty acids is lauric acid, which is
antimicrobial and protects against the H. pyloribacterium
that causes stomach ulcers. Coconut oils also contains capric
acid, which has strong yeast properties And all the MCTs feed
healthful bacteria in the large intestine and help fight off harmful
pathogens in the digestive tract.
Chop some root vegetables, stir in some melted coconut oil, and oven
roast 350 F until veggies are tender.
You can substitute coconut oil for butter, cup for cup, in recipes for
muffins and quick breads and other baked goods…great for greasing
pots and pans.

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