Sport Drinks “The Truth about Sports Drinks

  Do You Think you need Special Sports  Drinks to quench your thirst during exercise? “According to the author, the bottom line is that unless you’re an elite athlete, you don’t need sports drinks to keep you hydrated.” “The researchers of this drink called it ‘Gatorade” after the Mascot of their university of Florida Gators), […]

Healthy Food Choice

  Healthy Food Choice   Recent Promotions on Health food Choice Create New Promotion Boosted Post Completed How to build 2 websites free… Promoted by Lousia Barzey on 11/13/2016 4,005 People Reached 142 Post Engagements $5.00 Spent of $5.00 Boost Again Learn More Promotion Completed Learn More Product/Service Promoted by Lousia Barzey on 11/09/2016 […]

Rich food For Thought/Fiber

DO THEY CONTAIN SYNTHETIC VITAMINS: Do Nutrition Bars provide the daily required calories: Today people of all ages and activity levels use them for meal replacements and snacks. These nutrition bars offer an irresistible package: convenience, the promise of good nutrition, and often, sweetness that rivals that of many candy bars. FACTS: Let’s take a […]

Organic Garden

  Organic Gardens are very easy and economical to grow. Have you ever thought about planting your own? Here is a list of nutritionist veggie you can grow in your own back yard. Onion Peas Okra Collard Green Red Pepper Green Pepper Turnip Cabbage Carrot Spinach Tomatoes Soy Beans Broccoli Green Beans Celery Potatoe There […]

Eat A Fruit For Breakfast

A diet that includes a mix of fruits and vegetables is better for optimal health. We must bring in the new and forget the old if we want to live longer and happier.    Most colorful fruit and veggies have lots of antioxidants. They are known to protect us from the sun and the damage […]